12 inch record sleeve design for dance music label Black Keys records.
Logo and brand design for Tahina a modern Lebanese fast food restaurant.
Logo and artwork for Catch the Feeling club night.
Identity, branding and record sleeves for Club of Jacks dance music label.
Logo design for online adult toy shop
Brand design for Blueshi - a local sushi delivery service.
Logo design/hand painted artwork/business cards for massage practitioner.
Logo design for the Unity DJ Agency.
Branding and logo design for a furniture designer.
Logo design for a bar/music venue in East London.
Logo design for www.anon-o-gram.com - an anonymous online messaging service

Creative brand design to realise your vision

A strong brand with visual impact and a clear, coherent identity is a vital element of any business or venture. It forms the backbone of the marketing strategy and  communicates on multiple levels with your audience.  It’s important that it makes the right emotional connections and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace of products and ideas.

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